Man threatens to expose Daddy Freeze on social media.

Daddy Freeze and social media personality, known as Governor’s cousin following their most recent comments on Instagram.

The brewing drama which has a lot of social media users planning to stay glued to their phone screens, was triggered after Governor’s cousin released a damning video of billionaire, Aliko Dangote, and Daddy Freeze called him out for it.

In the clip, Governor’s cousin had accused Dangote of not being generous enough and even blamed half of Nigeria’s problems on the billionaire. He also compared him to Allen Onyeama, CEO of Air Peace, who recently flew in hundreds of Nigerians from South Africa for free due to xenophobia.

Daddy Freeze who saw the clip reacted and expressed disappointment that Governor’s cousin and a lot of other Nigerians share such mentality. Freeze stated that the billionaire who has worked hard to build his enterprise owes the country and its citizens nothing.

However, he is still one whose business venture has helped thousands of families across Nigeria stay comfortable.

Read his post below:

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This is how the average NIGERIAN thinks and I’m disgusted at this contorted and deluded mindset. – Where did this sense of entitlement emanate from? Allen Onyeama’s kindness is truly worthy of celebration and emulation, but do you know what Dangote does and how much he gives out every year? – Onyeama is an employer of labor, but does he employ even 5% of Dangotes workforce? Do you know how many families rely on Dangote to stay PERMANENTLY out of poverty? – If Dangote wants to build a refinery let him, IT’S HIS MONEY and thousands of Nigerians will benefit from it ON THE LONG RUN, through more competitive fuel prices, massive job creation opportunities etc. – For any progress whatsoever to occur in Africa, we need to get out of this ruinous headspace! Dangote owes us NOTHING, he does not collect public funds, he does not receive public donations! The only pastor I know that volunteered to airlift people from #SouthAfrica was Apostle Suleman, where were the rest of the GOs? Direct your anger to those who mismanage church and government funds, or anyone collecting public funds not to a billionaire who sweats and bleeds to grow his enterprise. – You say school buildings are leaking during the rainfall, why is Dangote the problem once again? 🙄 Do you know how many schools Dangote has built? There are churches that build school that tithe payers, seed sowers and offering givers cannot attend, direct your grievances towards them and to the government that failed the people with regards to education, NOT TO DANGOTE or any other entrepreneur. – #repost @tundeednut ・・・ 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Nigerians are funny people, I swear. This is not funny, but I laughed. But the money na him own oo! He can choose to do whatever he wishes with his money. He worked for it. We didn’t work for it for him. Governor, I still get your point though. 📹: @governorscousin

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