Meghan Markle and Harry’s secret trick-or-treating Halloween date before their royal wedding

Every October 31 is being celebrated as Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve day. It is a time for pumpkin carving, apple bobbing, dressing up and trick or treating by friends and family members. It is a celebration often looked forward to by both children and adults irrespective of their social status. Before making their relationship public and eventually had the royal wedding, then Hollywood actress Meghan Markle and Harry far and wide on romantic dates and this include a funny and traditional Halloween three years ago.

The Halloween saw the couple having fun in their pumpkin carving costume, played trick-or-treating and also partied with friends. Actor Williams Uchemba expresses gratitude to Jesus as he celebrates a birthday.

It was reported that the couple enjoyed each other’s company at a Halloween party held at Soho House, reportedly one of their favourite bar and club chains. The membership of the club is said to cost nearly £1,700 yearly, with a £240 registration fee. Despite having the money to register as a member of the club, it was gathered that you need two existing members of the club to endorse you.

The royal couple were said to be regular visitors of the exclusive club while they still rove around the world and seen at different locations in Amsterdam, London and the Cotswolds. Meghan Markle wearing a pumpkin mask during Halloween three years ago.

The Sun also reported that Harry went trick-or-treating armed with a mask as part of the Halloween celebrations. It was also reported that a woman lives in upmarket Dupont Street, Toronto where Meghan used to live spotted a black SUV lazing at the curb earlier in the week before Halloween.

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