Lady Narrates Her Shocking Experience The First Time She Visited Her In-laws To-Be [Full Story]

A lady shared a very funny experience she encountered on her first time visit to her boyfriend’s parent’s house which raised alot of talks on the internet.

She narrated that her boyfriend’s parent’s intended to celebrate their wedding anniversary, and he decide to invite her, which she honoured.

When she arrived at the place, she greeted everyone and went inside the living room to watch television, but noticed everyone was busy, including her boyfriend.

She was comfortable in the living room, enjoying the movie when suddenly the elder sister to her boyfriend walked up to her where she was sitting, and asked her to follow her. she obeyed and the sister took her to the kitchen and brought out a malta and to her greatest surprise, she handed her the pistle, and told her to start pounding yam.

The lady was shocked to the teeth by the sudden chore that was given to her by her boyfriend’s elder sister, and she even went further to say people from her place are not lazy, they pound yam for their husbands and even grind beans for moi-moi afterwards.

What the lady did will total crack you up.

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