Lagos govt. promises to protect residents’ choice of religion

The Lagos State Government says it will continue to protect the right of residents to practise the religion of their choices

Gov. Babajide Sonwo-Olu said this on Friday at the 34th National Quranic Recitation Competition, organized by the center of Islamic studies, Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, in collaboration with Muslim community of Lagos State.

He said “ ”As a government, we will continue to protect the right of every citizen to practise every religion of their choice without fear of harassment or discrimination.”

The governor said that as the country engaged in the battle against extremism, the Quran recitation programme would, among other initiatives, promote a true understanding of the religion of Islam.

”It will go a long way towards inculcating, in the adherents of Islamic faith, the habit of reciting the Quran for a proper understanding of the words of God contained in it.

”The Holy Books, including the Quran, contain the commandments of God which are expected to serve as a guide for the conduct of adherents.

”For this reason, it is important to have sufficient knowledge and understanding of these commandments, through constant study.

”To underscore the importance of this, it was reported that the Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBoH), in his last sermon, emphasised that he was leaving behind for Muslims, two things that will continue to serve as a guide for them after his demise: the Quran and his personal examples,” Sanwo-Olu said.

”If we work with the Quran, there will be no issue of corruption,” Abubakar- the sultan of sokoto said.

Lagos state Muslim Community president – Gbadamosi – said that it was an important event emphasizing the unity of the country and of the Ummah.

”l therefore urge all participants to see this competition as providing an opportunity to learn more about one another and appreciate one another as Muslims.

“We may have different cultural backgrounds but we should cherish our two bonds, namely the bond of country and the bond of faith,” the president said.



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