USA Might Ban Business and Visitor Visas From Nigeria From Monday 27th, January 2019

Seven countries have been selected to extend the infamous Donald Trump travel ban to, the new list of countries to be banned from visiting the USA will be announced on Monday, 27th of January 2020. The countries on the list are rumoured to be: Belarus, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania.

This does not mean Nigerians won’t be able to enter the US. What it means is that certain types of visas, like business or visitor visas, or maybe government officials, will be banned from entering the country.

The ban is necessary to protect the US against potential acts of terrorism, the Trump administration has said, although how Nigerians fit into this narrative is difficult to see.

Still, nothing will be known for sure until Monday, when the expanded travel ban is expected to be announced.

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