Nigerians Mock Hushpuppi For Selling His Purple Customized Rolls Royce (Video)

When it comes to buying and flaunting latest monster automobiles, Dubai Big Boy, Ray Hushpuppi aint a stranger, sometime last year the flambouyant clout chaser bought himself a customized Rolls Royce that he couldnt stop talking about it.

News reaching us now reveals that Ray Hushpuppi has ordered a 300 million naira Cullinan Mansory after selling his ‘precious’ purple customised Rolls Royce.

The gist now according to Social media users that have reacted to news is why sell one to buy another, if he was so rich as he flaunts on the media he could have bought the Cullinan and  still maintained the Rolls.

Well Ray Hushpuppi isnt hearing all that as he flaunts his latest ‘Baby’ Check it out below:


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