Video: Coronavirus Infected Man rubs Saliva On Lift Buttons To Spread Diseases In China

A man was spotted in a now viral video rubbing saliva on lift buttons in an obvious attempt to spread disease amidst the Coronavirus epidemic.

coronavirus has claimed over a thousand lives in China alone, with over forty thousand people left sickened by the virus.

The government has since been trying to contain the virus as they advised people to keep the maximum hygiene practice, but a man spotted in a new video did other wise.

In the video which was shot in the city of Datong in Shanxi Province on February 7, the man can be seen entering the lift, spiting on a tissue paper before rubbing his saliva on the lift buttons, after which he exits the lift, making it clear that rubbing the saliva was his mission in the lift.

Property management received a report from a resident who found the buttons were abnormal and investigated the case.

Though it is not clear why he carried out the bizarre act, it seemed like he obviously wanted to spread diseases

Watch the video below;

Laila Ijeoma |

This man rubbed saliva on lift buttons to obviously spread diseases 😳

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