TikTok Is For ‘Jobless and Unstable People’ – Founder, Zhang Yiming Reveals

TikTok founder, Zhang Yiming has created a lot of controversy by slipping out when he made mention that his intentions when creating TikTok was mainly to serve jobless and (mentally) unstable people and then laughed it off when he went further to say he never expected much of ‘these kind of people’ in Indiam referring to India’s poverty rate in relation to the number of jobless people there.
This statement has led to a backclash on twitter has many people trended the hashtach #TikTokExposed and may users feel the statement from the CEO was a slap on their face for calling them jobless or ‘unstable’.

If you are familiar with the TikTok app, you might realise that Zhang Yiming has not been too far from the truth as most things that happen on the app are just spontaneous without any reason other than a goofy entertainment value to allow peculiarly bored people get over their boredom, what is your take on TikTok? let us discuss below:

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