BBNaija2020: Wathoni Reveals How She Got Pregnant As A Virgin

Just Like Mary in the biblical narrative, Big brother Naija Lockdown housemate, Wathoni Anyansi, has revealed an interesting storyline of how she conceived and gave birth as a Virgin.

In a different story from the Known facts from the biblical narrative, Wathoni explained on the LoloTalks in April 2019 that her boyfriend did not penetrate with his manhood only that he rubbed her vajayjay and ejaculated. She went on to explain that she missed her period the following month but did not take it seriously because she knew it was not possible to get pregnant as a virgin.

She then got to know of her pregnancy status 5 months later after visiting the hospital.

In the interview, she said,

“I was a virgin till 23. That day, l was with the guy in question. At that time, l was ovulating but l didn’t know so l was not bothered about it. He is a kind of guy that gets turned on by seeing a vagina. So, all he did was to rub his penis on my vagina and ejaculated. There was no penetration. That was it

“Then after five months, l found out that l was pregnant. Then l asked myself how it happened. I got to know that on a Sunday morning. I went to a nearby pharmacist earlier on a Saturday to complain that l belched too much among other issues. I also told him that I have not seen my period, then he asked me if l had sex and l replied no. So, he gave me something to do pregnancy test. I tried it out on Sunday morning and found out that I was pregnant. That was before l went to church.” she added.

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