Dabiri-Erewa Urges Youths to Join Politics and Make a Difference

The Chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, Abike Dabiri-Erewa has advised Nigerian youths to join politics, saying now is the best time for them to be involved in the administration of their country.

The NIDCOM boss said this on Wednesday, November 18, 2020, at the 14th ǼLEX Annual Lecture (Virtual Edition) tagged ‘Illiteracy, Migration and Insecurity: Nigeria’s Population Time Bomb’.

She said, “We all don’t have to be in Lagos. Look at what is happening in Lagos because everybody is coming to Lagos. Everybody develop your state. When we go to America, the UK, every state is developed. Lagos receives over 3,000 people every day and they don’t leave. Let every state develop so that everybody can stay in their states. Build industries, go into manufacturing, develop agriculture, develop the enormous human resources that we have in this country.”

Dabiri-Erewa’s appeal to the youths came a month after young Nigerian protested against police brutality and bad governance in the country.

She said the youths’ participation in politics is the solution to the campaign against police brutality and bad governance.

She said, “For the youths, please join politics, be on the table. Now is the time for the youths. Get involved now, make a difference. Be at the House of Assembly, be at the House of Representatives, Be at the Senate. Don’t wait. That is the solution to #EndSARS.”

The former lawmaker also said that many young Nigerians leave the country out of ignorance, adding that they can also realise their dreams in the country.

She said, “Most young people going out there are not illiterate; they are actually educated but they are lured that there is a better world outside, they paint them a picture of buying houses for their mothers, fathers, which turns out to be fake. It is not about illiteracy but it is about more awareness out there. But there are some people that no matter what you tell them, they have to go.”

Dabiri-Erewa further said that rural-urban migration affected the developments of some part of the country, adding that 3,000 people migrate from other states to Lagos State daily.

She, therefore, urged non-Lagos residents to stay in their states and develop them to the status of the country’s economic capital.

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