Lagos Bans Use of Firecrackers, Fireworks Because They Sound Similar to Some Guns

The Lagos State government has warned residents against the sale and use of firecrackers or any type of fireworks within business districts as the festive period approaches.

The Special Adviser to the Lagos State Governor on Central Business Districts, Olugbenga Oyerinde, said during a media briefing on Thursday, November 26, 2020 the state’s law prohibiting fireworks remains in place.

The law was enacted in response to the irresponsible storage of fireworks which led to an explosion that caused a devastating fire which claimed one life in Central Lagos in 2012.

At least 30 people were injured and nine buildings destroyed with losses of millions of naira recorded.

Oyerinde said on Thursday security agencies in Lagos will arrest those selling and using the device within business districts and residential areas.

He said, “Fireworks have a similar sound as some guns used by criminals, as such people cannot differentiate them.

“Also, there is a need to protect markets against fire outbreaks.

“Therefore, it is important to clamp down on the sale and usage to help secure people and valuable property, as the Christmas and New Year celebrations approach,” he said.

Oyerinde said the state government has also put measures in place to ensure that residents are not burdened with traffic gridlock and criminal activities as the year comes to a close.

He said there will be total enforcement of the traffic and safety laws.

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